Chapter 5: Solitude

Of rural origins — Talk Talk — The listener a composer — A diarist — “Wandering Star” — The planets in their courses — A teenage runaway — Witch music — The noise from the bar — Control and fate — A promise fulfilled — Melody — Photography and mystery — Electronic lullabies — The younger generation

In this chapter:

  • Beth Gibbons
  • The Talk Talk influence
  • Beth Gibbons’ songwriting process
  • "Wandering Star"
  • First hearing Dummy; a badge of identity, coming-of-age experience
  • Touring Dummy

“Orang”, the opening track of O.Rang’s debut album Herd of Instinct, 1994

“Today”, Talk Talk, 1982. The step-like melodic construction – at a slower pace – reminds of the earliest songs to make it onto Dummy

You can hear something of the space and intimacy of other tracks on Dummy on, say, “Wealth” and “Inheritance” on Spirit of Eden (iTunes), 1988

Talk Talk, “Inheritance” from Spirit of Eden (iTunes), 1988

Talk Talk, “Wealth” from Spirit of Eden (iTunes), 1988

Portishead performing “Wandering Star” on Later with Jools Holland, 1994

Nikki Lynette’s “Nobody Loves Me”, 2011

“Wandering Star” — performed live, 2008, France