Chapter 3: Shock

A cacophony of metaphors — Grunge breakbeats — “Strangers” — The air under assault — Public Enemy — Hard-bop jazz — More tea — A ’79 Chevy Caprice Classic — The Roland TR-808 — The resonant qualities of the human lung — Student housing — Floors and ceilings — Church bells and curfew — Highest tide

In this chapter:

  • "Numb"
  • The BBC Essential Mix
  • Adrian Utley, hip-hop, and jazz
  • 808s and Miami Bass
  • Dummy as a bass album
  • Sound, acoustic communities, and politics

Portishead – "Numbed in Moscow"

Portishead – "Revenge of the Number"

Weather Report – "Elegant People" (iTunes), 1976

There's not a lot of point giving multiple examples of the 808 / sine bass sound, since it renders so badly through lossy YouTube files, MP3s, and laptop speakers... but here are a couple including the classic "It's Yours":

T La Rock – "It's Yours" (iTunes), 1984

Erik B & Rakim – "Mahogany" (iTunes), 1990