There were, necessarily, many things that didn't make it into the final manuscript, in spite of the book's long, long length -- at the time of writing, judging only by spine width, it's one of the longer volumes in the series. Most of these things were likely only of interest to obsessives; but then, I suppose if you're coming to this after having purchased the book (thank you), you may qualify.

Some links and resources follow. There are also a few pieces on the blog.

Chapter-by-Chapter Additional Materials:

One Week // One Band

A couple months after the book was first published, I was lucky enough to spend a week over at One Week // One Band; and was able to write there about some of the things that I had left on the cutting room floor, including:

Interviews, Reviews, and Excerpts

Upon the book's publication, Continuum ran two excerpts on the 33 1/3 series blog.

I was interviewed by Anupa Mistry for the Toronto Standard: Why Portishead Still Matters.

The Process

And for the true inside baseball, I wrote about the process of pitching to write a 33 1/3 book.

And where the project started: