Cover Art You Can Tell Your Friends About

[NOTE: this post originally appeared on Datachondria, a blog dedicated to technology, data, and modern life.]


It's nice to see HarperCollins UK foregrounding the gorgeous Richard Bravery cover designs for Michael Chabon's backlist by at least making large versions available for download. As we've discussed before, there are some fabulous opportunities available for content distributors who understand how the packaging of their product engages in an ongoing dialogue with the content -- and that there are more and more opportunities for exactly these exchanges with social media and digital distribution. Content mediators -- publishers, marketers, retailers, distributors -- who understand how to enrich and enable those dialogues are going to reach more people than those who do not. Making cover art available for download and sharing is the very least that they should be doing. Great also to see these attractive designs getting some love.

While there are now more book cover blogs than you can shake a stick at, The Art of the Title Sequence is another wonderful resource, foregrounding an art form which is too often seen as purely functional.