Dynamo Productions — Get It Together

Continuing this week’s Bristol theme: Dynamo Productions have a remix album coming out. Dynamo Productions are Andy Smith, Portishead’s DJ, and Scott Hendy (a.k.a. Boca 45), formerly of Purple Penguin. Both Bristol alumni. Their debut LP, Analogue, was released last year on Australia’s Invada Records.

Dynamo’s Showtime EPs contained some fine Lessons-style cut-up hip-hop. A few of these tracks are on Analogue, which is grounded in a crisp and funky old-school feel. But there’s an unusually rich density to it. There’s also the hypnotically languid melange of Al Green samples on “Airwaves”, and the tone of confident loss that pervades “We’re Through”. It’s classy stuff. Audio samples here.

Get It Together is a collection of remixes of Analogue tracks.  It’s been available in Australia since the end of August, and it becomes available elsewhere next Monday. Invada is the label established by Ashley Anderson (a.k.a. Katalyst), engineer Fraser Stuart, and Portishead’s Geoff Barrow. Remixers predictably include Katalyst and The Jimi Entley Sound — which is yet another Geoff Barrow pseudonym.

Invada releases are distributed by Inertia Music in the UK. They have a shop.

Dynamo Productions, Analogue

(Invada/Inertia, 2003)

Dynamo Productions, Get It Together

(Invada/Inertia, 2004)