Kings Of Convenience mp3 madness

There’s a new Kings of Convenience album out for fans of (in no way electronic) acoustic folksy crooning. I haven’t yet checked out member Erlend Oye’s contribution to the DJ Kicks series, which apparently features his good-natured vocalism over an eclectic set.

In the meantime there’s lots of mp3s available, for instance at Said The Gramophone and Moistworks (no permalinks). The latter has a track from 2001’s Versus remix project, which fitted rather nicely between that year’s releases from Royksopp and Four Tet - both of whom contributed. (Erlend Oye sang on Royksopp’s “Poor Leno”, for those who think they’re unfamiliar with the sound of his voice.)

On a related note, isn’t this situation the perfect argument for labels posting a couple of free-for-download songs for each artist? Otherwise you get everybody and their aunt booting about an album’s-worth between them. When all everybody wants to do is say “look, this sounds cool, buy the album.”

It’s madness.