Boca 45 — Pitch Sounds

The Bristol fun continues. Boca 45 (a.k.a. Scott Hendy) has a new album out on Grand Central. From the sound of things, Pitch Sounds is an eclectic mix of hip-hop breaks, cheerfully corny funk samples, and a couple of moody downtempo loops.

One of the standout tracks is “In The City”, originally released as a 7” on High Noon earlier this year. It features New York vocalist Stephanie Mckay, whose astounding debut album, Mckay, was one of the highlights of 2003. Hendy co-wrote “Thinking Of You” on that album, which was produced by Geoff Barrow (Portishead) and Tim Saul (Earthling).

Juno have some audio clips; it’s also available from

For those trying to follow the plot, Scott Hendy is one half of Dynamo Productions, along with Portishead’s DJ Andy Smith. Before that, he was half of Purple Penguin, which was on the sorely-missed Cup Of Tea Records, along with long-standing Bristol acts like Grantby, Statik Sound System and Monk & Canatella.

Boca 45, Pitch Sounds

(Grand Central, 2004)