Boca 45, Stephanie Mckay

An update on Boca 45’s Pitch Sounds LP. You can take a listen to “In The City” courtesy of Invada Records’ audio samples. It’s not to be missed—by far the standout track on the album and possibly one of the best singles of the year. It’s built around a static chord structure, ballooning bass tones and corny 60s backing vocals. There’s a great late-summer vibe to it, with the humid, charged atmosphere lit up by Stephanie Mckay’s electric timing.

If you missed Mckay’s astonishing debut album, co-produced by Portishead’s Geoff Barrow and Earthling’s Tim Saul, grab it while you can.

Boca 45, Pitch Sounds

(Grand Central / Invada, 2004)

Boca 45, “In The City”

(High Noon, 2004)

Mckay, Mckay

(Go Beat, 2003)